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Instagram is a popular social network among many. This platform has become a staple in growing businesses, big and small. There are a handful of settings and features that can be applied to your page to reach more viewers. 

Hacks can create a unique look or mood for your page, which can leave people remembering your brand! Even the smallest things can be beneficial to your brand in the long run. 


Adding creative fonts to your bio is a great way to catch the eye of anyone visiting your page. Instagram does not offer these fonts within the app. But, you are able to copy over from a third-party site to choose the font you love the most. LingoJam is a great site that allows you to type in exactly what you need and transform it into a unique font. Along with specialized fonts, you can add additional characters via a third-party application. Such characters include: Various bullet points (◦, ‣, ∙, «), Trademark , Stars ★☆, and more! Bizuns offers a large variety of options to copy and paste into your Instagram bio. Adding these small changes to your profile can greatly impact the overall tone and mood of your page, and thus, your brand!

Scheduling Posts:

Though many people enjoy posting in the moment, there are ways to schedule and pre-plan content on your page! This can be beneficial for businesses to ensure well-timed posts and staying up to date. Planable, Loomly, and Monday are just a few of the great sites offered to schedule social media posts! It is also a great idea to research what times of the day are best to post content. As we all know, each day of the week is unique. This means traffic among social media can change from day to day. Figuring out three times per day that are most popular for Instagram activity can benefit the traffic on your page. 


Instagram stories are growing to be a useful business tool. These brief posts allow your audience to see extra content that is not publicly shown on your profile. It is a good idea to get creative on stories as well, to accurately portray your brand! Not only can you change your font on stories, there are also ways to draw on your photo, add gifs, and add emojis. These aspects allow you to get creative and draw more people to your page. If you want to embed certain stories on your public profile, you can add highlights under your bio! This allows others to see your stories longer than the day that you put them up. These can be replayed over and over by anyone who visits your Instagram profile. Highlights are a great way to support local small businesses, show off recent events, or just to show off the things you love most about your business! 

Instagram is an amazing platform to grow your business or brand. It is a great space to show off the personality of your company and how you want others to view your business. There are plenty of Instagram hacks out there that can help you grow, but these few should certainly get you started! 

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